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VLCR Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for managing day-to-day aspects of the clinical register. Data quality measures are reported regularly to the management committee. The specific roles of the Management Committee are to:

  • Be responsible for the administration of the management, staffing and budget in the Victorian Lung Cancer Registry;
  • Ensure that the data collection and data quality processes function effectively and that issues arising are dealt with in a timely and effective manner;
  • Arrange for timely and appropriate statistical analysis;
  • Review Australian Clinical Quality Registry data regularly and undertake necessary follow-up in accordance with policies ratified by the Steering Committee;
  • Report back to the Steering Committee to ensure suitable resources are provided to facilitate action on policy-related issues;
  • Ensure compliance with requirements of ethics committees and all relevant legislation; Provide reports and liaise as necessary with bodies providing funds to the clinical registry;
  • Ensure that the finances of the Victorian Lung Cancer Registry are audited annually in accordance with appropriate standards and that the audited statements are provided to the Steering Committee; and
  • Develop and provide support for the function of the various scientific working groups.

The Management Committee convenes monthly and has provision for the calling of extra ordinary meetings as required.

Membership comprises of:

  • Dr Rob Stirling - VLCR Steering Committee Chair,  Principal Investigator VLCR, Respiratory Physician, Alfred Health
  • Dr Sue Evans - Head, Clinical Registries Unit, School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine,  Monash University
  • Dr Julian Gooi - Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Alfred
  • Dr Jennifer Phillips - Deputy Director, Palliative Medicine & Centre for Palliative Care, St Vincent's Hospital
  • Dr Andrew Haydon - Oncologist, Alfred
  • Dr Jeremy Ruben - Radiologist William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre