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Publications and Presentations

Epworth Research Institute grant: $10,000, 2014

Highly Commended Award: Alfred Health Chairman of the Board Awards for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement. 2012

Journal Publications
Balancing convenience and outcome in cancer surgery center selection: Patient choice in quality improvement. Stirling RG. Surgery. 2017 May;161(5):1465-1466

Defining a standard set of patient-centred outcomes for lung cancer. Mak KS, van Bommel AC, Stowell C, Abrahm JL, Baker M, Baldotto CS, Baldwin DR, Borthwick D, Carbone DP, Chen AB, Fox J, Haswell T, Koczywas M, Kozower BD, Mehran RJ, Schramel FM, Senan S, Stirling RG, van Meerbeeck JP, Wouters MW, Peake MD; Lung Cancer Working Group of ICHOM. Eur Respir J. 2016 Sep;48(3):852-60

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 Clinical quality registries: engaging effectiveness data for quality improvement. Stirling RG. Am J Public Health. 2014 Dec;104(12):e10

 The Victorian Lung Cancer Registry pilot: improving the quality of lung cancer care through the use of a disease quality registry. Stirling RG, Evans SM, McLaughlin P, Senthuren M, Millar J, Gooi J, Irving L, Mitchell P, Haydon A, Ruben J, Conron M, Leong T, Watkins N, McNeil JJ. Lung. 2014 Oct;192(5):749-58

Poster Presentations 

IASLC 15th World Conference on Lung Cancer.
Determining completeness of case ascertainment to a lung cancer registry: A single institutional study. October, 2013

HISA (Health Informatics Society of Australia) E- poster accepted: “Development of a Secure Data Transfer Protocol Service for Australian Clinical Quality Registries. The Monash University Experience. April, 2013
American Thoracic Society Conference, San Francisco, California. May, 2012

ALCC – Australasian Lung Cancer Conference. Adelaide October, 2013

ALCC Australasian Lung Cancer Conference, Brisbane QLD. “Determining completeness of case ascertainment to a lung cancer registry: A case finding audit.” October, 2014

Oral Presentations
The Victorian Lung Cancer Summit: reanalysing existing datasets to identify opportunities to improve patient outcomes. Paul Mitchell, Mirela Matthews, Myra McGuinness, Mandy Byrne, Katherine Simons, Rob Stirling, David Ball. VICS 2015

Quality in Lung Cancer Care:  The Victorian Lung Cancer Registry Pilot Initial Report. Stirling RG, Evans S, Senthuren M, McLaughlin P MacLaughlin-Barratt, S and McNeil JJ. VICS 2015.

Quality in lung cancer care: The development of a population-based lung cancer registry - Victorian Lung Cancer Registry Report 2015. Cabrini Research Day 2016. Session 4 – Cancer Best oral presentation.

Alfred Grand Rounds, VLCR Report. Melbourne. November, 2013 

Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand 2012 ASM. Canberra April 2012 

Monash Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MCCC): Cancer Registries - "Joining the Dots: Linking Clinic, Laboratory and Patient Populations," Monash University, Melbourne. April 2012

AAQHC - Australasian Conference on Safety and Quality in Health Care. September 2012

Australian Lung Cancer Conference. Brisbane, QLD 

  1. Health service variables impact timelines of care in Victorian lung cancer patients
  2. Quality in lung cancer care: The Victorian lung cancer registry pilot initial report
  3. Gap analysis of Victorian Lung Cancer Registry Data after 3 years: Evaluation of MDT variables
  4. A comparison of the use of ICD-10 coding data and manual data extraction in comorbidity
    October, 2014