Victorian Lung Cancer Registry
School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine
Monash University, Cancer Research Program
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Melbourne, VIC, 3004
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Current Funding and Research

The Victorian Lung Cancer Registry is funded through the Victorian Lung Cancer Initiative which was established following a successful application to the Victorian Cancer Agency. The initiative is a collaborative project aimed at improving outcome for Victorians with lung cancer through advanced biobanking, excellence in outcome research, rapid translation of new therapies, and validation of preclinical models in the clinic.

The Lung Cancer Initiative is managed by an oversight committee consisting of four chief investigators, a representative from the Victorian Cancer Agency, and a consumer advocate. It is chaired by Dr Neil Watkins, and meets every 6 months to review progress and the dispersal of funds. Each of the project Principal investigators will be responsible for one of the projects that comprise the Victorian Lung Cancer Initiative.

An organisational chart is shown below.

Lung Cancer Initiative organisational chart