Victorian Lung Cancer Registry
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Clinician and Institution Participation

Hospital Participation

The benefits of hospitals contributing to VLCR are the following:

  • Data from the Registry provides a cross-sectional view of multiple clinical and demographic aspects of lung cancer disease that can then be studied in more detail using targeted, prospective study design or using health statistics.
  • Data from the Registry will identify whether clinicians are managing the disease in accordance with the principles of evidence-based practice.


Only clinicians working within contributing hospitals are eligible to enrol in the Registry. While enrolment is voluntary, it is important that the Registry collects information from close to, if not all, the eligible population. The Registry would serve limited purpose if it did not collect representative data from both patients and clinicians.

Clinicians are informed about the Registry via information sessions held at multi-disciplinary team meetings held at participating hospitals. Following this, clinicians are given the option to sign a letter of consent, authorising Registry staff to send patients a Patient Explanatory Statement, inviting participation in the Registry. Clinician consent also enables Registry staff to collect the treatment details of consenting Registry patients.