Victorian Lung Cancer Registry
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Recruitment Pathway

Eligibility of inclusion to the VLCR

Notification of a lung cancer diagnosis will be provided by Hospital Information Services when a medical record is coded by clinical coders. Clinical codes relating to lung cancer will be used to identify cases. Details of the patient’s name and address will be provided to the VLCR. The medical record will be perused once notification of a lung cancer case has been made to the Registry to identify the health status of the patient.

Each participating hospital will send an Explanatory Statement and letter of invitation to all individuals diagnosed with lung cancer, inviting participation in the Registry. (For patients from private hospitals, the treating clinician will be sent a letter requesting consent to contact patient and access medical records).  For patients who do not speak English (as denoted by a request for translator in the medical record) we will provide both English and translated explanatory statement.  We have capacity to translate into eight languages. 

The Explanatory Statement will include clear instructions to enable either the patient or their next of kin to ‘opt off’ the Registry without incurring any costs.  The opt off system will be available to patients up to two weeks after recruitment (before their name appears on the Registry). An 1800 telephone number to the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University (Registry Custodian) will be provided on all brochures. Patients or next of kin can elect to opt off at any stage. Should patients opt off the Registry more than two weeks after the initial contact with the recruiting hospital department, their details will removed from the Registry. 

Both patients and their next of kin can refuse participation in the Registry at any stage, including when researchers contact the patient/ next of kin to collect quality of life and complication data at three and twelve months post diagnosis.

Patient Consent Process

Provided patients do not opt out, their details are entered into the VLCR, which is housed within the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University.  By not opting out of the Registry, lung cancer patients have provided consent for information to be made available to the Registry and for further clinical information to be collected. 

Consent is further obtained from all patients when they are telephoned 6 months after diagnosis to confirm treatment details and to administer a quality of life tool. Private patients will not be contacted unless their treating clinician has provided consent.


Recruitment pathway